Issue IV: Freedom

Moore Street Pulse

by Arif Amod “The series is produced from interactions with people and communities in the location of Moore Street Dublin – a historical quarter […]

An Illusion Fit for a Tsar

Vladimir Putin rationalises his consolidation of power with claims of economic progress and efficiency. The truth says otherwise. 

Waterway by Bradley Stafford

Dissecting Kyiv is the fourth largest river in Europe. After the Volga, the Danube and the Ural comes the mighty Dnipro. Rising in the […]

Freedom by Frank Boyce

“Freedom is not an aftershave, it’s smell is much sweeter than any man-made scent. Freedom is tricky, my freedom might not be your freedom. […]

Étáin – At Least One

Hailing from North West of Ireland, indie-folk singer and songwriter Étáin (who takes her name from anancient Irish fairytale) is releasing her debut single […]

The Magpie by Aine O’Shaughnessy

Perched upon the wooden gateHe sat silent and alone.Two deaths came about today,Two birds hit with one stone.An omen of bad greetingsMy mother filled […]

Memory’s Contact Tracing by Katie Harper Garrett

This piece pulls apart three moments of intense emotion. Contact tracing transforms into a series of notes-to-self: see that? Here you are, still. Memory reminds you of where freedom was once longed for and where, for even a moment, you took it back.

Magical Realism by Bradley Stafford

“You’re alone. The dusk falls upon you like feathers, sweeping over steel beams and water, embracing stone arches and skyscrapers. In this light the […]

Works by Lesley Thiel

Lesley Thiel is an international award winning, figurative artist known for her highly detailed photorealistic paintings. Working in oils, her pieces focus on narrative […]

Unbound by Theresa Kohlbeck Jakobsen

Freedom and Nature go hand in hand. At the same time both bring danger and threats
along with them. Behind a beautiful flower there might lie a steep cliff and an ocean hungry for
sacrifice. The original picture was taken on a hike in the Faroese mountains and then edited. The
colours are bold yet the motive is quite simple. This series of four elevates the field gentian to a
symbol of freedom high up over the sea.

Collection of Works by Brendon Deacy

“‘The 5km Drawings’ are a series of images which I made within the five kilometre travel restriction of home during lock down. During this […]

Poetry by Sinead McGuigan

Wildflowers of Freedom  Broken lives spread like wildflowers, innocent petals plucked before dawn. Garlands weighed with endurance, withered into trodden lawns. Bodies longing for […]

Ceramic Works by Aideen Ferguson

Ferguson graduated from GMIT with an honours degree in Contemporary Art specializing in sculpture and ceramics. She has exhibited in the Kilkenny arts festival […]

Trout Prince by Rachel Gough

I’m not the only woman this kind of thing has happened to. My cousin knew a girl who fell pregnant after drinking water from […]

Collection of Works by Michael Duggan

“I am a freelance artist, typographer and designer, based in Dublin, Ireland. After attended the National College of Art & Design in Dublin, from 1984 […]

Poetry by Claire Boosh

 Mad Sweeney’s Canopy Let me subside. At times I yearn for the nine to five, the six year cage of love ending in ceremony, […]

Dazed by Grace O’Reilly

Living in a hazeThis week has been a mazeFull of hectic craze.I wish of all the daysFilled with hues of greysAnd colourful bouquetsThis time […]

Mountains by Aine O’Shaughnessy

Rising from the shadowsMountain ranges standBearing the weightOf the sky, birds and grassThat surround me.My head floats with the clouds.I am rootedGrounded among the […]

Bladderack – Changing Tunes

Bladderack, a name chosen for its guttural sound, are multi-instrumentalists Matthew O’Brien and James O’Sullivan, vocalist Doireann Waters and percussionist Chris Cullen. With haunting, […]

Signals from the Heartland by Dee Barragry

My current work, “Signals from the Heartland”, is the second phase of a long-term photographic exploration of rural life in Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim. It […]

Caged Bird by Grace O’Reilly

She is there to look niceShe is there to sing sweetlyShe is there to be admired Caged birdShe has an audienceShe is preenedShe is […]

Freedom Walks by Joan McEnaney

“These images are all from different nature walks I have been on over the past year. These forests are what freedom means to me. […]

Thimble Child by Clara McShane

Silver thimble child floatsin the lava lamp glowof mother’s homely bellyconsciousness a vast expansemiles from reachwith reach, at thatblissfully unformed.Yet as life pitches cunninglyits […]

Poetry by Deirdre Johnson

The Back of my Eye For Anne and JeanThey took a photo of the back of my eyeI saw itThe back of my eyeThe […]

The Releasing by Ronan Quinn

The day when life was extinguished from  You, suddenly not unexpectedly, a straight Away sense of time to fill and going days Without talking […]

Archive by Aoife Curley

“If the person is not joining us on our journey, there’s no need to pack their luggage in the boot” “Archive” was inspired by […]

Music by VOXMouse

TRIGGER WARNING: The following content contains reference to rape/sexual assault and contains material that some may find upsetting. (i) , ‘You Were Human’, is […]