Rural Meditations by Bradley Stafford

In a poem I wrote over seven years ago, one line above all stands firm in the memory:

”City dwelling often leads to mental swelling.”

I grew up in rural areas. My family moved house a number of times when I was a kid from one side of Ireland to the other, most recently to the Ox Mountains in Sligo. My parents now reside in an isolated cottage with a troupe of cats and dogs overlooking Lough Achree. The lake sits still beneath Knockalongy and the surrounding countryside and coastline mirrors it’s beauty.

After years of living in different cities around Europe, the rarely afforded opportunity to come home is happily taken. The stillness of the countryside, the clean Atlantic air, the woodland wanders, the need for green, the smells and the sounds; it makes for a much needed dose of rural meditation. 

In this collection I explore the relaxing properties of nature, the richness of the landscapes and how the ordinary objects and beings of life can contribute to a replenishing of a tired mind and soul.

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