Archive by Aoife Curley

“If the person is not joining us on our journey, there’s no need to pack their luggage in the boot”

“Archive” was inspired by my own struggle to let go of the past and move on. This piece is a visual reminder to not let nostalgia strangle the present or the future. While promises and words can be shared in the past, sometimes situations change and we have to carry on without that part of our life. Acknowledging past experiences and fond memories is healthy, but it is important to identify the memories that are solely just memories and no longer applicable for comparison to now.

The image of archiving brings me freedom. I am not deleting my past, but instead storing it safely, out of sight and out of mind.

I am free to move on without the weight of the past on my shoulders.

Aoife Curley is a self-taught artist who creates mainly pencil portraits in her spare time, with the occasional watercolour postcard. She mixes colour, words and sometimes texture to create realistic portraits with a touch of creativity. 

Aoife is currently trying to build her small business, which offers custom commissions (such as couple portraits, pet portraits and landscape drawings) and matte stickers of her artwork. She hopes to expand her product list further this year to include prints and zines.

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