Bladderack – Changing Tunes

Bladderack, a name chosen for its guttural sound, are multi-instrumentalists Matthew O’Brien and James O’Sullivan, vocalist Doireann Waters and percussionist Chris Cullen. With haunting, sharp-smooth vocals, Afro-Celtic percussion and a melodic soundscape like a haunted spaghetti Western, Bladderack sound like when you fall asleep after playing the Witcher with drink taken. With a base sauce of Irish trad and rock, Bladderack manage to sound traditional but with the breakdowns of Led Zeppelin and cinematic feel of bands like The Gloaming.

Changing Tack is a live, alt-folk EP about semi-mythological domestic difficulties that sounds a bit like the Witcher 3 soundtrack but with powerful vocals, trad instruments, world percussion and modern production.

You can follow Bladderack here:

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