Étáin – At Least One

Hailing from North West of Ireland, indie-folk singer and songwriter Étáin (who takes her name from an
ancient Irish fairytale) is releasing her debut single ‘At Least One’. This is a beautifully crafted piece
bursting with sincerity and enriched by Étáin’s ethereal vocal delivery. Produced by critically-acclaimed US producer Noah Weinman, the song brings together innovative approaches to Irish and American folk music. It captures Étáin’s growth as an artist and her wilful vulnerability as a songwriter.

Étáin began writing at an early age, inspired by her childhood spent by the Lake Isle of Innisfree. She quickly developed a distinctive songwriting style that delivers cinematic imagery in an intimate and conversational tone. Étáin interweaves Celtic vocal melodies with ambient acoustic accompaniments to create a musical landscape that pays homage to her Irish roots while maintaining a universal appeal.

“’At Least One’ is about being in a long-distance relationship and realising you can’t be there for the
other person in the way you wish you could be. This pang of longing just hits you right in the chest. I
wanted to write a love song that felt real so it was important to me to show reverence for the difficult
times in a relationship as well as the love and safety two people find when they’re together.” – Étáin

Étáin’s artistry has brought her to recording spaces such as Westland Studios where the likes of Bob Dylan, U2 and The Corrs have recorded. More recently, she worked with Ash on their forthcoming release. Étáin has also played major festivals and venues across the UK and Ireland including Electric Picnic (Laois), Sea Sessions (Donegal), The Cavern Club (Liverpool), Whelans (Dublin), Broadcast (Glasgow), and The National Concert Hall (Dublin). Having previously opened for Molly Parden, The Coronas, Áine Cahill, and Moya Brennan of Clannad, Étáin has built up a dedicated fanbase.

In 2016 Étáin was awarded the Young Songwriter’s Award for her song ‘Take It Again’ which contemplates the vulnerability we experience in romantic relationships when we find ourselves in the power of another. The track was later included on her award-winning debut EP, ‘Sacred Renditions’, which was released in 2017. Étáin wrote, arranged, and performed every track on the EP. She also used the opportunity to make her debut as a producer; producing and mixing the EP in its entirety. In the same year, she won the Sea Sessions Unsigned Competition and the Bluestacks Songwriting Competition. She was also nominated for Pure M’s Best Female (Solo Artist) 2017. In 2018, Étáin was
shortlisted for 2FM’s Play the Picnic Competition and in 2019 was the first solo artist to be chosen as a finalist in Trinity College Dublin’s Battle of the Bands.

At the beginning of 2021, she was commissioned to compose and perform the theme music for the official Her International Film Festival podcast. In November 2021, she released her sophomore EP, ‘In The Kitchen’, which reworked Irish traditional instrumentation into the contemporary indie-folk genre. Étáin has also worked on collaborative projects across multiple genres with artists such as, BeCharlotte, Gemma Cox, and Mabel Chah – the last of whom she has worked with on a bilingual project in Bikom and in Irish that takes musical inspiration from both of these traditions.

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