Music by VOXMouse

TRIGGER WARNING: The following content contains reference to rape/sexual assault and contains material that some may find upsetting.

(i) , ‘You Were Human’, is about rape culture and the MeToo movement. It was written about Chanel Miller, author of Know My Name and rape survivor of Brock Turner. Her case stuck with me for a long time because even though it was a clear as day case where he was caught and there were witnesses, he got just 3 months in prison. The video below has a Trigger Warning on it as well as it deals with sexual assault. 

(ii) ‘Lost’, is about the quintessential desire to travel and forget about the societal pressures of life. The song features instruments from all around the world from Spanish guitar to didgeridoo, and the video marks my sister and I’s road-trip around Ireland last year. 

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