About Us

The Outpost is a non-profit Irish online publication founded by Molly Riney, Kristiyan Kazakov and Niamh Hegarty that provides a free platform for Irish based creatives to showcase their work and interests. The Outpost Éire is an ongoing project open to anyone who wishes to be involved.

We feature political and cultural interest pieces, interviews, reviews, photography, video pieces, artistic exhibitions, music, textile work, embroidery, ceramics, personal writing and more.

We publish issues three times a year, featuring creative content of all varieties curated for each issue with a specific theme. Issue III: Resistance out now. We also feature people’s work and creative endeavors on our home page on a rolling basis. If you’re interested in having your work featured on our site, just get in touch with us.

Editor’s Statements

As an Irish creative feeling constrained by the current COVID climate, I yearned for an online platform one could use to showcase their work. I connected with Kriss, an enormously talented artist who I am also lucky to call my good friend. Together we began shaping and building the Outpost. The aim is to provide a free platform for Irish creatives and their work, not only to host their content but also to boost their profile in their respective creative fields. We will not run ads on our site, and we will always remain nonprofit. 

We have worked so hard on The Outpost, and I am so excited to finally share our first finished project with you all. I am so proud of what this has become, but it would not have been possible without my fellow editor Kriss who has been slaving away for months, and especially for all of those who connected with us and submitted work. This is just the beginning! 

Also for those asking about the name, you’ll be amused to learn that it’s roots are from a Mario Kart map. 

Molly Riney


Thanks a million for giving our magazine a read. This project came about in response to the feeling of helplessness that being a young person entails right now in Ireland and the world at large. We can’t see our friends, for some of us our colleges and workplaces have closed. Different things we could focus on in the past have been taken away, and this has left us alone in our rooms. But this magazine has brought people together in a way that is much more meaningful than a zoom quiz. A massive fair play is owed to Molly and Kris, who have busted their balls getting this thing out there. It’s been really inspiring to work with a group of talented creative and motivated people to give all of us a bit more of a voice. There’s much more to come. 

Niamh Hegarty


I think that being a creative, now in this current time, is the hardest it has ever been, like it or not we are locked inside, without the opportunity to do things that we want. For some that means taking pictures of their bread bin and mirrors, for other endless free days to streamline their focus on a project they had in the works, 

At the Outpost we aim to provide a place for people to be able to showcase these projects, 

I’m very lucky and grateful to be able to work with an amazing editing team, Molly and I have made something that could have been a passing remark or a good idea left unrealised into something we are immensely proud of. 

So I hope you enjoy our debut issue, we had an overwhelming response, and are very happy to include such a broad variety of amazing work 

Enjoy the read, 

And a big thanks from us!

Kriss Kazakov