Ceramic Works by Aideen Ferguson

Ferguson graduated from GMIT with an honours degree in Contemporary Art specializing in sculpture and ceramics. She has exhibited in the Kilkenny arts festival and Sculpture in Context at Botanic Gardens Glasnevin.  At present she is engaged in research in Raku glaze at her studio in Kinvara. "Inspired by artists like Brancusi and Deirdra McLoughlin, [...]

Signals from the Heartland by Dee Barragry

My current work, “Signals from the Heartland”, is the second phase of a long-term photographic exploration of rural life in Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim. It is a lyrical reflection on the resonance between communities of people and animals and the land which sustains them. Even as the land is sculpted by hand, by will and hoof, [...]

Poetry by Natalie Robinson

And when have you also felt free? Gathering early dusk Fireflies in the garden Dancing in the bar On clearer nights On the backseats In your eyes and hers and theirs Imagining exotic places Sat on the high curb Pushing together to the front Walking circles in another airport Blurring fiction and reality In your [...]

Poetry by Claire Boosh

 Mad Sweeney’s Canopy Let me subside. At times I yearn for the nine to five, the six year cage of love ending in ceremony, the semi-detached like a fifty year noose around my neck. The comfort and satisfaction in that as opposed to this turbulence. Yet part of me would die inside. My core would [...]

Poetry by Sinead McGuigan

Wildflowers of Freedom  Broken lives spread like wildflowers, innocent petals plucked before dawn. Garlands weighed with endurance, withered into trodden lawns. Bodies longing for peace and freedom, thorns scratching eyes of sight. Passage doomed, fall in darkness,  bodies stemming in endless plight. Cursed by war, cursed by grief roots running under strict command. Broken lives [...]

Poetry by Deirdre Johnson

The Back of my Eye For Anne and JeanThey took a photo of the back of my eyeI saw itThe back of my eyeThe map of my perspectiveStretching out in unowned paths on aRed canvasAn undecipherable languageThe back of my eyeImagineOne road leads to imaginationOne to greenOne to brainOne to heartOne to lightOne to darkOne [...]

Reflecting Restriction by Andrea Farrelly

The following is a series of photographs I took during lockdown and peak Covid restrictions, some of which were taken on my iPhone 11 and some on my Canon (1300D). I used the concept of ‘Freedom’ as an opportunity to reflect on what it’s like to create in a confined space, and not being able [...]