Étáin – At Least One

Hailing from North West of Ireland, indie-folk singer and songwriter Étáin (who takes her name from anancient Irish fairytale) is releasing her debut single ‘At Least One’. This is a beautifully crafted piecebursting with sincerity and enriched by Étáin’s ethereal vocal delivery. Produced by critically-acclaimed US producer Noah Weinman, the song brings together innovative approaches [...]

Bladderack – Changing Tunes

Bladderack, a name chosen for its guttural sound, are multi-instrumentalists Matthew O'Brien and James O'Sullivan, vocalist Doireann Waters and percussionist Chris Cullen. With haunting, sharp-smooth vocals, Afro-Celtic percussion and a melodic soundscape like a haunted spaghetti Western, Bladderack sound like when you fall asleep after playing the Witcher with drink taken. With a base sauce [...]

Music by VOXMouse

TRIGGER WARNING: The following content contains reference to rape/sexual assault and contains material that some may find upsetting. (i) , 'You Were Human', is about rape culture and the MeToo movement. It was written about Chanel Miller, author of Know My Name and rape survivor of Brock Turner. Her case stuck with me for a [...]

Archive by Aoife Curley

“If the person is not joining us on our journey, there’s no need to pack their luggage in the boot” “Archive” was inspired by my own struggle to let go of the past and move on. This piece is a visual reminder to not let nostalgia strangle the present or the future. While promises and [...]

Works by Lesley Thiel

She Will Rise Swansong We Cry Lesley Thiel is an international award winning, figurative artist known for her highly detailed photorealistic paintings. Working in oils, her pieces focus on narrative portraiture and magical realism. Her paintings contain imagery designed to tell a story of the fate of our species and our relationship to the earth. [...]

Collection of Works by Brendon Deacy

"‘The 5km Drawings’ are a series of images which I made within the five kilometre travel restriction of home during lock down. During this time I regularly reflected on the matter of freedom: how I had previously taken for granted the freedom to go wherever I chose; my new-found freedom to explore and truly appreciate [...]