Issue II: Connection

‘Red Tor’ – Robin Olly James

The music is composed, produced and mixed by Irish musician and producer Robin Olly James. Robin is best known for his band Ilenkus. He […]

Worms by Molly Riney

Amir looked out on to the endless sea of tents and shacks spread out for miles before him. This camp was much like the […]

Touch Starved by Shauna Smullen

Living alone gave a person no one else to blame for the state of their apartment. If there was a mess, she made it. […]

Collection of Works by Fiona Duffy

Fiona Duffy is an artist working across the mediums of printmaking, drawing, photography, and writing. Their work is concerned with the changing nature of […]

Details by Nancy Murphy

Details It’sYour nose scrunched up inCrinkle-faced laughter;Shiny-eyed tears,Happy, sad, or both;The mole that movesWhen your mouth does. The funny way you scrapeThe yoghurt pot […]

A Caged City by Jamie Griffin

Often found in the young people, Limerick city can be seen as a city to get out of, as if it were a cage […]

Dark Side of the Soul by Ruth Hurl

Looking at the reflection of my dimpled thighs, I regret the decision to buy the lime green lycra leggings. Make it Count stretched down […]

Collection of Work by Ami Jackson

I am interested in what it means to belong, what is ‘home’, and how memories and thoughts anchor us. I use printmaking, collage, built […]

Poetry by Katy Finnegan

On Killiney Beach Like mythic figures  We walk eyes fixed on  The mist in the distance  The shrouded mountains  Rising up like the walls […]

Collection of Works by Niamh Hegarty

SMore Real than a Jpeg  What would it feel like if you could physically inhabit a digital/virtual space? In response to the pervasive use […]

Poetry by Amy Brennan

The stone song  I wish it was me who wrote “mending walls”  for is it not me that came from them. The land of […]

The Jigsaw of Life by Grace O’Reilly

The Jigsaw of Life Life is like a Jigsaw Full of different pieces Connecting in different areas You are the full picture Needing to […]

The Witch by Aislinn O’Keeffe

The witch is a figure that has endured in the Western imagination for centuries, perhaps millennia. A figure of contested meaning, vilified in some […]

Artwork by Christina Geoghegan

‘These works look at landscapes and spray paint in a manner of using the the wind and rain to shape the piece, seeking the […]

New Bed by Taylor Mullins

My parents and I moved houses four days before Christmas. They’d been searching for their dream home after spending six years renting the same […]