Issue I: Identity

‘The Gardener’ by Niall Sheehy

Here is a project I worked on with my Father. I called it The Gardener. It is about his retirement and how it affected […]

“The White Wall Series” By Christina Geoghegan

‘This series made during lock-down in Ireland explores the contemporary engagement of viewers and artwork, depicting the environment and its direct influence on people […]

“Pink” By Niamh Mahon

Trigger warning: This content explores issues relating to eating disorders. Last year, I decided to begin my recovery from anorexia, an illness that I’ve […]

Her Song – A Review

by Brendan Cleary Her Song is a 2021 Irish animated short directed by Eabha Bortolozzo & Jack Kirwan. The story begins with a silhouetted […]

‘Stripes’ by Andrei Crismaru

Exploring plus size figures through a playful and affectionate lens, the Stripes style brings a unique texture to these portraits. Forming light and shadows, […]

“Words” By Andrea Semchuk

“Words” I look for you in the eyes of others. I hear your voice on the beach,when the silence is broken by the waves […]

Collection of Poetry by Caoimhe Weakliam

a hopeful song  it’s a hopeful song my island sings even when its voice is dim   and the streets once black  washed clean   not […]

Unexpected, Unexplainable by Sarah O’Sullivan

Our culture chips an incessant tune of romantic love… but friendship is fairly unsung.   Friendship resists storytelling.  —Sarah Ruhl   How would you define “friendship”? I […]

Poetry by Rachel O’Dwyer

The Cauldron I throw myself into the cauldron And melt into the broth. I die like a mermaid, I become  Bubbles and froth. I […]

Illustrations by Eni Gaxha

“I began creating digital prints over the first lock down as a way to become familiar with Illustrator. It started off with portraits of […]

Even Mountains Move by Rachel Loughrey

This series is focused on the power of the outer landscape to connect you to your inner landscape along with the powerful healing and […]

Performance by Danny Bradley

Here is my first online performance, filmed in October 2020 courtesy of Bad Apple creatives “Sounds of the town” and the Wiley Goose, Bray.  […]

The Lullaby of Marie’s by Laura Byrne

I idled around Greenwich Village, New York, in the kind of Saturday night heat that makes wearing shoes an outrage.  I was in a […]

‘Generally Wholesome’ by Cian Booth

Michael dropped the box full of old trinkets onto the carpet of dust which layered the living room floor. This caused a plume of […]