Issue III: Resistance

Artwork by Derval Freeman

My style of painting leans towards abstract expressionism and I am inspired by nature, cosmicevents and the cycle of life in every living thing. […]

Abandoned Famine Cottages by Paddy Kenna

“I found a certain beauty in the sadness of abandoned famine cottages and decided to try and replicate them. The basic materials I used were found wood and papier mache. “

Artwork by Keely Mclavin

“My work typically consists of contemporary figurative painting, often including the female body amongst an abstract background of neutral colours and text. I find […]

Glasswork by Sophie Longwill

Our family joke is ‘where there’s a Longwill there’s a long way’ and it really sums up my artistic journey- I tried a lot […]

Works by Christina Geoghegan

‘These works explore the amalgamation of the landscape, the merging and collision of the foreground and background, the sky and the horizon. One does not exist without the other, and they are defined by the presence of each other side by side.’

Poetry by Jordy Lustig

At Sea The mists have cleared my love, And the moon which illuminates a valley in my dreams, And has sung a dozen songs […]

‘Left’ by Seán Watmore

What will be leftAre we all leftHave we become less than divine, under definedLeft Are we more than the wine and the twine that […]

Gnome Kingdom by Justine Lepage (Loucoffee)

These artworks allow me to explore and reinvent my own connection with nature, to magnify and make it magical through the gaze of these little humanoid creatures.

Life Resist Death by Joan McEnaney

I took this photo a number of years ago on my mobile phone and I came across it earlier this year, as I was […]

‘To my dearest republican’ by Ronan Quinn

I have written the above sonnet as a memory of my father, who was a lifelong republican from Northern Ireland. He passed away a number of years ago, but his spirit will always reside in the border counties of Armagh and Down.

Dad’s Home by Louise Newman

* It was a beautiful hot day in August. Kilkee was sparkling and the heat had drawn people to the beach and pollock holes. […]

‘A World Without’ by Rachel O’Sullivan

There is so much power in the way we let ourselves sit in the back seat for a year and a half, took our hands off the steering wheel and folded them in our laps as calmly as we could. Allowed ourselves to be empty, Allowed ourselves to be embodied by the global hurricane, never knowing if we’d reach the eye. Left our communities, our shared spaces, never knowing if we’d get to come back.”

Artwork by Karen Lee

Karen trained and worked as an actor for a number of years before accepting a role as the Coordinator of the prestigious Gaiety School […]

Embroidery and Artwork by Kathy Ross

My practice as an artist has always been process led. I am intrigued by the act of making. Creating new and interesting bodies of […]

Artwork by Paul Hallahan

Paul Hallahan is an artist whose work is primarily based in painting, sculpture and video. Interests within his work expand into many areas but commonly focus […]

Artwork by Louise Newman

After many years of being self taught Louise Newman began her formal studies in the late 80’s at San Jose State University California.  After […]

Resistance by Veronika Minasianc

Resistance is the key. Especially nowadays, when everyone tells you how you need to dress, what to think, what to say, what to do […]

When This Is Over by Jessie Laffan

When this ends I’ll dance in the street.The city lights in damp rain and cigarette swirls willEngulf me down a Dawson street at 3AM.That […]

Photography by Abby Rekas

This photo is from my first live gig after the pandemic. It was the stunning at pearse stadium in Galway and the light was […]

Limerick to Dublin by Jessie Laffan

Always a half-eaten dinner down my throat and a left shoeLeft untied.  Steam blows up the small mirror of my mothers’ car as I […]

Andtheykept me by Zachary Stewart

Andtheykeptme inironsandtheyk eptmeinironsan dtheykeptmeini ronsandtheykep tmeinironsandth eykeptmeiniron sandtheykeptme  inironsandtheyk eptmeinironsan   dtheykeptmeini  ronsandtheykep tmeinironsandt heykeptmeiniro nsandtheykeptm einironsandthey keptmeinironsa ndtheykeptmei nironsandtheyk eptmeinironsan dtheykeptmein ironsandtheyke ptmeinironsand theykeptmeinir […]

Kill Bill Reloaded by Annie Peter

“Kill Bill Reloaded” is a piece on resistance as vengeance inspired by maternal rage of one of the strongest female lead characters in contemporary pop culture. The poem blends several of the filmmaker Quentin Tarantino’s characters together while spotlighting Beatrix Kiddo from his film Kill Bill (V. 1&2). Although several films inspired this poem, all of the lines are my own.